Hi, my name is Jen, and I am the self-taught pixie behind The PixieBox Bakery. I design and create magical bakery creations for all of life’s celebrations. From PixieBoxes to cupcakes, from cakes from my Ready To Order Cakes Menu to bespoke showstopper cakes, no matter what I’m baking and decorating each creation gets my undivided attention – made with you in mind.

Baking and cooking have always been a huge passion of mine. When I was 10 years old my Mam taught me how to cook beans on toast. I slowly built my confidence and my repertoire, and soon I was asking could I cook our dinner every night. My interests soon turned to baking, I remember opening up a recipe book and deciding to start baking. It never struck me that I wouldn’t be able to bake, I had a blind self-confidence about the entire thing. I wanted to do it and so I did. I learned how to bake vanilla cupcakes and my excitement about the magic that I had put into motion has never ended.

That Christmas I asked Santa for a handheld electric whisk.

I absolutely adored it, and it survived all the way up to when I moved into my home with my now-husband. Cooking and baking became such a creative and freeing outlet for me. I would narrate my own cooking shows and teach my imaginary audience how to make a jam sandwich, poached eggs or cupcakes – it was a roaring success!

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There have always been two main roles in life for women in my family; the caring profession or female entrepreneurship. It started with my great-grandmother, Katherine Nealon Walsh, or Muddy in our family, who did both. She was a nurse and also built and ran her own cinema and hotel. So it’s not surprising that I became a nurse and practiced my profession for 10 years. But if I was ever asked what I would do if I won the Lotto it was always that I would open my own cake business. I kept baking at home and I would use my family, friends, and colleagues to test my latest bake. Near the end of my decade as a nurse, I started baking cakes for my family and friends; for their birthdays or weddings, learning as I went and building my craft, all the while not uttering a word to anyone that I had a dream of owning my own bakery. It wasn’t until after the birth of my second child that I realised that I really didn’t want to return to my nursing career.

Katherine Nealon

best pastries in dublin

I wanted a life that I was excited about. I wanted a career that my children saw me enjoy, and I knew that it wasn’t nursing. Lotto or no Lotto, the time had come to push myself into taking a huge leap of faith. And so The PixieBox Bakery started to take shape while I was still on maternity leave and officially launched on the very same day that I would have been due back as a nurse. I’m very proud that I use Muddy’s weighing scales, which she used in her cinema, to create the cakes in The PixieBox Bakery and to continue our family tradition of female entrepreneurship.



  • All of life should be celebrated, there is always room for a bit of magic and a slice of cake!
  • At The PixieBox Bakery, there’s so much cake to choose from.
  • I’ve developed this menu over time, and it has evolved and grown.
  • All the recipes I use are my own. I’ve spent over 2 decades baking and tasting cakes until I’ve fallen in love with them.
  • So if you’re in the mood for a PixieBox filled with delicious treats for a chilled out evening – I’ve got you covered…
  • Or a box of cupcakes to enjoy when you’re meeting a friend – I’ve got you covered…
  • If you feel like celebrating the weekend because it finally arrived, then a cake from the Ready to Order Cakes Menu is for you.
  • Plus there are all sorts of magical sparkle in a bespoke showstopper cake for a special birthday.
  • No matter what bake you choose, you can be sure that it was created with you in mind; one bake at a time.

I am so pleased that The PixieBox Bakery has already been included in so many family celebrations and traditions. My aim is that The PixieBox Bakery will grow up with your family as we celebrate all of your milestones together.





Seasonal Cake

Multiple-Tiered Cake
€ 115

This Seasonal cake is decorated in a soft turquoise with a cascading buttercream swirl garland in pinks, yellows and purples.

The Baby Shower Cake

Multiple-Tiered Cake
€ 135

Whether you’re expecting a baby or you’re keeping it a complete surprise there’s a cake design for your special celebration.

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