Ready To Order Cakes

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At the PixieBox Bakery, there’s a cake for every occasion. So whether you are celebrating a special birthday, a long-anticipated reunion, or fancy something sweet after dinner there’s a delicious cake waiting to be part of your special moment!


All of these cakes are available for contactless collection from The PixieBox Bakery or there is also limited availability for Dublin contactless delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Please order your cake as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, there is limited availability each weekend for cake orders and once they are full I cannot take on any other cakes.

Unfortunately, not at the moment. All PixieBox Bakery cakes contain gluten, eggs and dairy and are created in a kitchen where gluten, dairy, eggs, soya, nuts and peanuts are used. All cakes are suitable for vegetarians.

Yes, I create many other tasty treats from cupcakes to PixieBox treat boxes. You can order these online along with your Ready to Order Cake.

Yes, you can opt for delivery or collection. Ready to order cakes are available for contactless collection from The PixieBox Bakery on Friday’s 3-5pm or Saturday’s 10-1pm or for contactless delivery within Dublin on Saturdays 2-4pm (this will incur an extra fee)

If you are ordering a two or more tier cake I would strongly recommend opting for delivery to ensure that your cake arrives safely to it’s final destination.

Yes, when you come to collect your cake, please carry the cake box securely, lifting it from the base and do not squeeze the sides or push on the top of the cake box as it may damage your cake.

When placing your cake in the car please place it on a flat area where it cannot slide around, usually the best place is in the foot well of the passenger seat. Avoid placing the cake on the car seats as they are not completely flat and your cake may tilt within the cake box.

Cakes are best transported when chilled, your cake will be chilled before you collect it. As much as possible try to keep your car cool when driving with your cake. Having the car heaters blasting while transporting your cake may damage the finished look of your cake.

Please drive carefully when transporting a cake and as much as possible avoid sharp turns and slamming on your breaks.

If you are collecting a multiple tiered cake it may be best to bring someone with you. Multiple tiered cakes can be very heavy and awkward and you may need some help opening up the car and placing it into the car. 

Your cake is best served at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Please keep this in mind when you are choosing where to put your cake once you are home. It may need to be refrigerated for longer depending on when you are planning to serve it.

If you have any questions regarding the transportation of a cake please do get in contact. Once your cake has been collected The PixieBox Bakery is no longer responsible for any damages that may occur.