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With the never-ending cycle of lockdowns that we’ve experienced, I think everyone has well and truly explored their own 5 kilometres and we’re all looking forward to getting out and about a little further afield.


Longer trips further, even if it is only a 20-minute drive away (can you imagine the excitement of it all!) means that handy snacks and picnics are going to be back with a bang. I have a huge love affair with picnics. I love the entire process and if I’m honest, I will picnic in any type of weather. Although, who am I kidding? A picnic in the sunshine is my favourite. I love the entire process, from the big blanket, the new scenery, the small boxes filled with tiny sandwiches, packets of crisps, the flask of hot tea, and a little something sweet for afterward. It’s a thing of beauty…but sometimes it needs a little freshening up.


During the last lockdown, I decided to give my standard scone recipe a bit of a twist, and honestly, I was blown away by the results. These Chorizo and Cheddar Scones are just the business! They are glorious served warm from the oven smothered in butter, perfect for brunch and of course for picnics. You can choose to make monster ones or smaller ones perfect for tiny (and large) hands.

Chorizo and Cheddar Scones

Makes approximately 16

Prep time: 10 mins (this may be a bit longer if you have little helpers involved)

Baking time 10-12 mins


Equipment needed:

1 big bowl

1 measuring jug

1 teaspoon

1 butter knife

1 sharp knife

1 chopping board

1 grater

Weighing scales

1x 5cm cutter

1 pastry brush

1 small bowl

2 baking trays

Wire rack

Fish slice



450g self-raising flour

100g butter cubed

¼ tsp Paprika

120g chorizo diced

210g cheddar cheese- half of it diced and half grated

280ml buttermilk

A little extra flour and milk


Preheat your oven to 220C/ 200C fan assisted/ gas Mark 7/ 425F.


Put the flour and butter into the big bowl and rub together with the tips of your fingers (the fairy finger technique!) until the mixture looks like sand.


Add the paprika, chorizo, and cubed cheddar and give it a good mix making sure that the cheese and chorizo are well covered by the sandy mixture.


Sprinkle some flour onto a worktop and pour a few tablespoons of milk into a small bowl. It’s easier to do this now before the messy job starts!


Make a well (a hole) in the centre of the sandy mixture and pour the buttermilk into the well. Using a butter knife and a slicing technique bring the dough together. You can also use your hands instead. When the mixture is almost all together pour it out onto the floured worktop.


Bring the dough together into one ball and pat it down until it’s 4cm in height. Using a 5cm cutter cut out the scones. You may need to bring the dough back together a few times to cut it all out. If you don’t have cutters you can just cut the dough with a knife into similarly sized squares or triangles.

Place them onto the baking trays and space them apart. Paint the scones with a pastry brush and the milk in a small bowl, this will give them a golden brown finish. Top each of the scones with the grated cheese.

Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes. To check that they are fully baked, carefully lift a scone up and turn it over and tap its base (if it’s a little stuck use a fish slice to encourage it off the baking tray). If it’s fully baked it will sound hollow. Place on a wire rack to cool slightly and serve warm with plenty of butter!


A few things extra:


If cheddar cheese isn’t your thing then by all means substitute your favourite cheese, just make sure it’s a hard cheese. You could also substitute the chorizo with diced baked ham or leave it out completely and create oozy cheesy scones instead!


As an alternative to using a milk wash for the top of your scones, you could use a whisked egg, either will do.


If you want to make your scones using a bigger cutter than 5cm you will also need to increase the time that they are baked. For example, scones cut using an 8cm cutter will take 22-24 minutes to bake at the same temperature. Air on the side of caution and check your larger scones regularly to see if they have that hollow sound and are baked. If they aren’t, just leave them in for a few more minutes.


These will keep well for a few days in an airtight container. You can freshen them up again in the oven. Bake for 3-5 minutes at 180C/ 160C fan assisted/ 350F/ Gas Mark 4. Please don’t microwave them as they go a bit floppy and aren’t as nice.


I hope that you enjoy this recipe with your smallies or as a solo endeavour. Never forget that there is nothing to fear when it comes to baking, give it a go and have some fun!





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